Welcome To

Wawi’s Family

Dar Wawi is a publishing house dedicated for young kids’ Arabic Education and Entertainment.
Wawi is the brainchild of young parents who realized how much their toddler was attracted to foreign sound books and entertainment materials.

Having sensed the educational impact of these
materials on our toddler’s foreign language development, and in a time when Arabic is abandoned
and forgotten, even in Arab countries, we felt the urge to launch Wawi, a small educational project for our son, which has soon become a mission aiming to preserve the Arabic language and sow it in the minds and hearts of young kids through useful and attractive visuals and sounds.

Wawi’s interactive and edutainment books aim to instill the love of reading in young kids from a very early
age, while boosting their development, creativity, self-independence, and awareness.

Dar Wawi caters to all Arabic speakers and anyone who is eager to discover one of the oldest and richest cultures and languages. We promise to deliver the best combination of fun, safety, and learning, while preserving the charming heritage of our Arabic language.